Angel Valley

Hi Internatianal friends.

Yesterday we went to Montezuma Well. It was again comming Home. Inner Earth was again Beautiful . We made a Beautiful connection with nature and all over THE World!! A Long Horned Owl was looking at us and we took pictures of HIM! At THE office they told us he never show  himself to people. Was great!                                    After the Well we went to the Castle Where  al Cave houses are from the Hopi Indians. THE energie was great you can nearly see the people working and living!

Today we went to the Grant Mother tree. And also there was a Eagle watching us and  not flying away. When we walked back I got a stich from a plant and at That time Sandra found a feather of the bird. He was now sitting on a high Mountain looking at us and saying Thanks you! Pictures of THE Owl and Eagle Will come!

picture of house Montezuma Well, Cave of Inner Earth, lissert, and Eagle far away,Houses in Montezuma Castle, pictures of Grand Mother Tree.!

Till the next time when there is internet!!

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