Alice Springs

Hi everybody, back from a 3 day Tour. The first day we went with the 4WD to Uluru. We started at 6 AM and James picked us up at the hotel and picket more people up at different hotels in Alice Springs. On our way up to Uluru we stoped and had to find Some firewood. It was a 6 hour drive. At the AirPort of Uluru we had to pick more people up and also in a hotel there. After everybody were on the bus we went to Uluru and had a short Tour from a aboriginals . We did 2 more walks around Uluru. After That we went to our camp for the night. We came there when it was dark and had no Light in the tent. So with flashlight making your bed up hmmmm🤔. It began to rain and That night we had storm and Much rain. In the morning it was the plan to look to the sun comming up but it was still raining. After breakfast we went to the Olga’s and walked to the Valley of the wind. It was very slippery and we had to go over water but the water was deeper than I thougt so a end up with to wet shoes . We did a stop at a viewpoint. There was the Leak of Amadeus and we saw Mount Connor or Atila. After That we went to the Outback permanent bush camp in the middle of nowhere. That was very Nice and we enjoyed the sun going down. It was dry again. Today we went early to Watarraka( Kings Canyon) national park. The group did the long trail and I went down into the canyon. I could do the whole trail because the trail was blocke with follong Stones so it went back and did the other trail up. It was very beautyful. After the Kings Canyon we had lunch and the dingo was looking if there was Some food for him. The duet Road was to bad to drive so we had to drive the long way back to Alice Springs. We made a stop at the Camel farm. Droprd everybody at there hotels and had diner down town.
Tomorrow we going to Darwin . To start a New adventure of 5 days in the outback.
See you later
Much Love to all of youA5259AFE-8687-4D98-85B9-253EAE401A8C

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