Arnhemland – Kakadu

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We had to be at 7 AM in Darwin before yout shack. Niall was our guid This 5 days. It was a very Nice group and everybody had traveld a lot. We started at Wulnacounty Where we got a traditional meeting with the Aboriginal culture and we got Cul Cul water on our head and Where now welcome to Arnhemland . After explaining how they live and making things like didgeridoo we went with a boat over the Mery River one side Kakadu the other side Arnhemland. Our Tour guid was Terence a Aborigional, the river had a lot of crocodals the called it alligator River. After This Beautiful Tour we walked to a watergolf Where the crocodals most of the time are . After That we went with Tyron, family of Terence, to a special place in the Mountains of Arnhemland. This place you can only come with the people of Arnhemland. Tyron Sjoerd us Beautiful petroglyphs in rockart. The used only Oker, Red, and White.for the rockart later Some used also Black. He showen us also his secret place the place his grabdfather painted. I gave him a stone from Holland That I found nearby Arnhem he was very proud of That.
After That we went to our camp. It was Much better than in Alice Spring.

Much Love from Arnhemland

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