Great Barrier Reef

Today we went at 8.30sm with the Ocean Free to the Reef. It was a great Yourney to go there. Before the lunch we had our first snorkel time. It was Great. Lots of fish. The Coral was not very colorful. They see That it was Much better than 2 years ago. The brown collors are Dead coral. But it was special. Even Sandra liked it. She had a live jacked on and holding a saftyring and there was Some one with her.After the first snorkel we went into a boat with glass in the bodem so you can see the coral and fish from a boat. When we came back lunch was ready. After lunch we went with a boat to the Green Island , we looked around and went back to the boat early, so we could snorkel again. When we went back there Where 2 sharkes around the boat. We put our suits on and went back into the water. The shark was swimming under Sandra and she misted it. I took Some pictures of them. It was cool to swim near a shark.
After the swim we went back wiht the boat to the Haber.It was a great day.
After This great day we went back to the hotel to put our stuff upstairs and went back down. Asking for the old train trip the next day and went swimming in he pool.
We eat something and went to bed.
Much Love from Australia


One thought on “Great Barrier Reef

  1. Lootje,
    Dit was dus echt spannend zwemmen tussen twee haaien, kennelijk hadden ze hun buikje als vol.
    En de vraag blijft natuurlijk heeft Sandra de haai gemist of heeft de haai, Sandra gemist???


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