Cap Tribulation

Today we started After breakfast at Marrdja the Mongrove forrest. That was AMAZING!! Al the beauty of the forrest. We spent there a long time. After That we take a look at the Noch Beach also a place Where Captain Cook was. At the Cap Trip beach is the place Where Captain Cook came on land. This is a Beautiful beach Where a lot of lungfish are. At 2 Pm we went Fruit Tasting something we never did before. There was fruit we never saw or tasted before. And so good😋😋😋😋😋 that we didn’t have a lunch😃. We spent there more than 2 hours. When we Where back at pur place we took a dive in the pool . It was swimming in the Jungle.
A good diner and sleep.
See you tomorrow
Much Love from Australia

2 thoughts on “Cap Tribulation

  1. Erg mooi om te zien, ook de waterval of stroom.
    De 8e foto van de andere inzending laat een boomwortel zien en daar achter een rechthoekige opening in een steen vormatie.
    Is dat een ingang naar de binnenaarde? misschien?



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