This morning up to Etty Bay Where the Casuaris is. We we T up the beach and found footprints from him.
We waited on the beach and Yes there they were. A mail with his Little one. With this birds the female put the eggs in the nest a D the mail Will do the rest. The can be about 2 meters Tall and when you came to close to them they Will knock you down with there strong legs. This two are there Every morning and when you are quit they walk very close to you. After This Beautiful moment we went to the visitors centre of Mission Beach Where they say that we had to look a Little bit further than we can see the tittels. So we did and Yes we saw them. They only took Some air and went down again eating. Also went to Cardwell Range Outlook and saw Hinchinhook Island. It was raining . Now we are in Townsville Where we stay 2 nights.
Tomorrow a New adventure so see you than😃😘
Much Love From Australia

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