Broken River

The planning was to go to Makay. We had a few stops on de coast and on our way to Makay Sandra saw a sign of a Playpus so we went That way. It was a very steel Road . We came to a hotel but they didn’t have place. They sent us to Broken River. It was a great Road up and there was a Road work going on so we had to stop and Just After the stop was a retreat centre. We stoped there and asked if they had a place to sleep. They never had people how came without a reservation. But we could stay there. We went first down to the river Where the Platypus souls be. We didn’t see him.  They Kookuburra was sitting in the tree. And when we had diner the owner went outside with a bowl and there was food in for the Possum. At 8 Pm we went with a night Tour to the woud near the retreat. We saw frogs, the  possum, a with rail rat, an ael, lissards, geco , spiders but not the platypus. We went early to bed because we want to be at the river when it is getting Light to see the Platypus………………………… see you tomorrow .                                                  Much Love from Australia

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