From Broken River to Rockhapton

At 6.30 AM we Where at the river to look for the Platypus . We waited and there he was there Where 4 of them 1 male 2 famale and 1 youngster. The Platypus how live here at Broken River are  max. 45 cm long.  They were hunting and Playing it was great to see them. And nobody was there. It is a Amazing Little animal. I Love him. He is now my mascotte the picture of him is on the blog of yesterday 🤩 . After a great walk throug the forest we had breakfast and went on to Rockhapton. It is not a spectaculair Road but at the Mt Erna Cave’s are the Cave’s. We went in with a Tour and it was great so Beautiful . It is a dry Cave of sand stone. Very old . After This great trip we went on to Rockhapton an found a house on a camping Just outside the town.                                   See you tomorrow again😉😘                           Much Love from Australia

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