From Rockhapton to Wondai

On pur way from Rockhapton toWondai we had a break in a small town. What did we see? They have all different thing for fitness😲 so Sandra did them all😃. We drove Total 500 km Today and in Wonday we saw a Boab tree. In the town we went to a information point to ask Where the motel was. She gave us a few options. We went to a New place That started in may This Year . Wondai accomodation.  The name Wondai means Dingo. The owner Saïd it was full all the 70 beds. There is a group travelers and a group of Road workers who are staying the week at the working place and flying Home the weekend. But he had 3 caravans in the back and if we want we can stay there for the night. And so we are in a small caravan for the night in a very small town. Down town we went to an hotel to eat something. Realy oitback a bar, 2 pool tables, darts ect. Somewhere in the back the diningroom. We are try everytime a different accomodation😃. After diner we tried the pool. Sandra went in but for me to cold at the moment . I like it warm😜 and so the shower was Nice warm. We had company at the showers 🐸🐸            Early to bed After a long drive and tomorrow up to the park.                               Much Love from Australia

One thought on “From Rockhapton to Wondai

  1. Hee San en ela,

    Dit is ook een leuke plek om even aan te gaan.
    De Boab Tree is bijzonder deze kennen we niet in Dronten :).
    Die Sandra is een echte krachtpatser zo te zien.
    Heb je een zaadje van de Boab Tree meegenomen?
    Altijd leuk om thuis op te kweeken (proberen dan).

    Have fun laydies

    Lieve groet, Jos


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