From Caloundra to Lismore.

Our trip went on from Caloundra to Lismore. To the family of Sandra. On our way we stoped at Mullumbimby to the Cristal Castle Where the biggest cristals are of the World the say. There were a lot of very big cristals and a Beautiful garden. Al different trees , plants and Cristals.  Big Geodes of Amathist. It is a pitty they are outsite because the purple colar disapear when the sun is shining on the cristals. Big Rosequarts, Mountain cristals ect. There is a very big geode Amathist from Brasil Where you can sit in in the morning and get a meditation. Pict7. But That is $80 au. In the middle it is also grey of the sun. It was a very Beautiful park to look at. Tomorrow we are going to bring the car away and looking in Berlina what we going to do the next week with Jerry and Carol.

See you tomorrow at oir next adventure. Much Love from Australië

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