We went This morning up to the Botanic garden. It was Nice weather when we went up into the park. But when we Where up at the other end of the park it began to rain but That hard That we Where soking wet. We found shelter with a worker of the park under his tent. When it was stopping up to the car and drove down town. There is a great shopping centre and we went in. Had Some lunch and went to the shops there. Also to the other shopping centre Where the market was. Also Nice shops. The market began at 3 Pm so we tried to find the museum, we asked a lokal older woman Where the museum was and she even didn’t know there is a museum in Lismore??? An other older lady saw we Where looking for something and she pointed a place Where the museum must be , but no museum . So  we went Back town to the market . Get Some food for diner and went back Home. Jerry saw the python in the tree and showed us. After That we went with Jerry and Varol to a place Where Koala’s are. We were Lucky a mum with her baby in a tree. Jerry told us there are less Koala’s in Australia. A lot of them are sick have something with the eyes and getting blind. When people see a Koala with bad eyes they call the Koala hospital and they come to get the Koala and Give him treatment After That they go free again. Koala’s look Nice but they are not. The bite and also use there naels to hurt you. Some times so bad That you have to go to the hospital. In the trees they are happy and are very funny . Tomorrow an other adventure. See you then.

much Love from Australia

One thought on “Lismore

  1. Wat zien die Koala’s er lief uit zeg, heel sneu dat er een vorm van ziekte onder hen zit.
    Jullie hebben de gang erin zitten ladies, in negen weken kunnen jullie bijna heel Australie zien denk ik 🙂
    Lieve groet, Jos


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