A day to Byron Bay

This day we went a day to Byron Bay. First we stoped by the Macademia Castle a lot of products of macademias also very good macademia ICE Cream .  The second stop was the Lighthouse of Byron Bay. We went up to the Lighthouse and went in for the small museum. Outside the lookout on the Sea we Where looking to the Sea and saw a group of 10 Dolfins Playing in the Sea. We looked also in theyown of Byron Bay and went Some shops in . Lunch Just outside Byron Bay. The next stop was at Broken Head Where Stones are in the Sea and they coled the 3 sisters.  The story is That 1 sister was taken by the Sea and the other 2 sisters went After her but Where also taken by the Sea and they chanched into Rocks. When you look good at the Rocks you can see 3 faces in the Rocks. On our walk we also met the Red-Necked Pademelon looks like a Walibi  and also met 2 lizards . After the 3 sisters we went to Lennox Head to the lookout. And also went to the lookout of Iron Peg to the lookout. On the way back we did the Victoria Park an old small Rain forest That is left. Seroinded by the City . And we went back to Lismore. Tomorrow we go with Jerry and Carol away till monday evening. Maybey no internet. So see you soon.

much Love from Australia

2 thoughts on “A day to Byron Bay

  1. Ha, weer een zonnige dag zie ik. Hier schijnt de zon ook alleen ik zie geen zon :(.
    Het even naar de drie zussen gekeken maar het is geen familie van mij, van jullie toevallig?


  2. Mooie belevenissen. Te zien dat jullie het goed hebben.
    Ben zo benieuwd naar jullie binnen aarde belevingen of doet dat niet mee op deze reis. Hartelijke groet Godfried
    Dat doet zeker mee deze reis!


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