Lismore to Lamington nat. Park

Today we went from Lismore, Nimbin, Nebbin Forest, Springhook nat Park, Naturalis Bridge, Canungra to O’Reilly’s Rainforest retreat in Lamington. It was a great trip with a very Nice Road . We saw a lot and Jerry took the most Beautiful Road to Lemington. TheNatiral Bridge was very beautyful. We had a Nice house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. We did a walk That afternoon That the Tree Top Walk is called. We saw on This walk the Bowerbird Satin how collect bleu things to put In front his Bower That he build for his Lady., bush Turkey, the Southern Beobook Owl , Stranglerhig, King Parrot and the Richmond Birdwing butterfly’s. After the walk we had afternoon thee and at 7 Pm diner. We saw the Sunset . Tomorrow a New adventure . See you than😉😘

Much Love from Australia.

One thought on “Lismore to Lamington nat. Park

  1. Hi S & E,

    Wat een uitzonderlijke vormen en kleuren hebben de planten en bloemen.
    En de kleuren van de vogels, overigens dat zwart gele lijkt me een brutaaldje 🙂

    Veel plezier en tot een volgende digitale ontmoeting,



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