Back Lismore

Now november 26 th we did a morning Tour in the forest with a guid , the group was to big and the parrots Where following us and Scaret the Little birds. The guid had food with him to feed the birds That we can see them. It was interesting but didn’t see Much birds. After That we went into the visitor centre to look up what was in the forest. We went on the Road again to go to Lismore again. Jerry stoped at the phyton Rock Where we did the walk. We Where looking for the Satrin bird , we didn’t see him but heard him. Sandra wanted one more time vliming it the big tree so we went up to the Tree Top again. The Owl was on the same spot as yesterday only we saw his head and eye he was in his nest. By Luke’s farm we had a picknick on the land of the farm the cows where downstairs. It was a lovely picknick. From Lions Road to Kygogla a smal Road and a duet Road even 6 times trough the water with the car. After This amazing trip back to Lismore.  Tomorrow we do something in Lismore and celebrating Carols birthday also with Erica and the kids.  See you tomorrow.

Much Love from Australia

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