November 28 th the airplain sould be on time but there was a storm and the plain couldn’t land so we waited for 5 hours to get of. After 11 Pm we had the car. All hotels are closed in the neighberhood about 5pm so we slept in the car. November 29 we left early and went of to Yanakie to Donna, Gordon and Lonica. After breakfast we went to different beaches Wilson’s Promotay, Darby Beach and river,picknick Bay,Squcky beach and we walked up the Mountain to Norman Bay , on our way up we say the Black yellow rail cacatoo. At the walk by Millers Landing where al Banksic trees are we saw 4 kasuaris and an emu.On the Road back at the Smilr route we saw the kangaroo and Walibi sitting next the Road Later on the Road back we saw an Echidna very special .

see you on our next adventure day.

Much Love from Australia


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