We started with Mt. Oberon Summit Walk.  An walk of 6,8 km . 3,4 up an 3.4 down. It was very fast going up walk but it was Beautiful . It was a great view up on the Mountain.  After This walk we had lunch . We went than to the Cotters Beach also know as the Wild Beach. It is a long walk to the beach so not Many people go there. It was quit there muts wind and not very warm. The Pron Wildlife Walk we did After That first we met the Skunk looks like a snake but he has paws. A very old animal . A wombad is still on our list to see, but only the poo from the wombad Every where and there sleeping holes but no wombad. The Emu was there and Kangaroos This Kangaroos where taged probely to see what they do and how far the go. Then we go home. The last night here and then back to Melbourne . Now we go to Erik the other nephew of Sandra.

See you tomorrow and Much Love from Australia

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