To Philip Island

Up to Philip Island , first get a miki for the train and bus tomorrow . There was Puffing Billy a old steam train what is still running for the tourist, That is in Berkely. First we klopjes on Philip Island around and than checking in at the Motel in San Reno Just before Philip Island . After That up on the Island it is very Beautiful up there but we had storm and rain during the day . We saw enough animals and later the day we went to the pinguïn parade. The smallest pinquin of the World is living here . They are fishing all day and come back when it is getting dark. More than 1000 pinguïns comming back to the land. No filming and pictures . It is very scary for the pinquings to come on land. So may people are watching them and also when they are on land you can see them walking to there nest. It it amazing to see but also not fun for the pinquins. It is the only place on Earth Where the pinquin is living so it is a way to collect money for staving the pinquin. At the end of the walk we saw also a possum sitting next to a pinquin very quit.

the pictures of the pinquins are from the site of the organisation.  Tomorrow back to Melbourne.

Much Love From Australia

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