From Mt Baw Baw back to Melbourne

The Kookaburrus are in the back garden of our chalet. They even came when I was standing there. They also continu with hunting. After breakfast back to Melbourne. The first stop we did was with the mushroom Rocks . Very big Stones That had the shape of a mushroom. On our way to Wahalla Donnie saw a old train and she wanted the trip with the old train. Sandra and I went with her on the train what she realy enjoyed.  His railway was made by hand. After This trip we stoped at Wahalla City an old town of goldminers. This town is rebuilded now . The gold mine is closed and the City went 3 times down into a fire. Now it is Just a big outdoor museum with old stuf and old houses . This town is Donnie’s favorite al those old things was a remembering of when she was a  small kid. After a diner in Melbourne back Home.

See you Much Love From Australia

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