Great Ocean Road

Todayup to the Erskin Falls. A Fall of 30 meters high in the forest. A very great walk up there. After the Falls we went to Cap Otway the Lighthouse and sent house .It was possible to go up the Lighthouse . A Nice walk trough the forest in Matts Aest with very old ferntrees and a very old Mountain Ash looked like a family of the Sequoia. In Princeton we found a cabin to stay for the night . It was near the 12 apostles. We checked in and Road to the 12 apostles, we wanted to see them with sun set. It seems to be That there Where never 12 but 9 apostles. In 2005 there is 1 apostle went down. We saw in the sand pinquin steps so first something to eat and we went back to see them comming on land, but when we got there they were already on lsnd in there nests. We could hear the pinquins but not Sea them.

See you tomorrow Much Love from Australia



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