Great Ocean Road

Morning Light on the apostles. After That we went on to Loch and Gorge. First to Thunder Cave Where the Sea comes in and the waves make a Sound like Thunder when the come to the Rocks. Then Gorge lookout and up to the Arch when you look good you can see a Dragon on top of the rock . It looks very Much to a Dragon. Than Giotto what was also Beautiful same as Mynthis Bay. We had a break in Peterborough. After lunch we went up to Bay of Islands at the end of the Great Ocean Road before she Goes into the land. Than we went back to the London Bridge. The first part went down Just when people where on the end of the bridge so they couldn’t come of the rock Anymore. They get of by helicopter. We went more into the forest away from the Ocean Road. First the Triple Falls, a walk through the Woods with the Mountain Ash trees , Some of them are moer than 300 years old , they Where ther already when Cook came. The water Fall is in 3 parts not good to see because the trees are growing to big  to see the Falls. In Forrest we found a place to stay for the night.

see you later. Much Love from Australia

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