Great Ocean Road

We started with the Redwoods . The wood with Carlefornia Sequoia’s. In 1939 the idea was to plant Sequoia’s from Carlefornia in Australia. A big peace of land was ful of sequoia trees and the made it. They Will be the tallest trees of the World in 50 years. Than to the Hopetoun Falls nearby. There sould be a Black snail living in the forest but E only found Dead one😢. Sandra did the Treetop adventures in Otway Fly. A walk in the treetops and they say the longest of the World. We had a Nice cabin to sleep. We looked After check in by the Stevensons Falls but it was to far to walk before dark and the rain was comming. In a Hotel we had diner and went back to the cabin. It was raining very hard. We wil see what we can do tomorrow .

see you Much Love from Australia

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