Sedona Journey June 11

Bell Rock we visit today. Bell Rock is a secret mountain to the Native Americans. They say it is the Gardian of Sedona. His real name is  Tuctu, on picture 5 you can see on the right a face and on the left a feather on his head. When you walk around the gardian you come in a secrect place where the Natives make there journeys.                                                We walked not all the way up but you can feel his power. Also when you are able to see it you can see and feel the Natives in the mountain. Inner Earth is near by the serves there find the spot and you walk in. Everybody liked this mountain very much.                             In the evening we did a night watch at the parking place of Bell Rock. We looked up to the moon and saw a lot of movement around the moon.  What is that there up to the moon????

See you tomorrow again.

Much Love Elayna

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