Sedona Journey June 14

Thunder Mountain was a real special place to go and a beautifull hike. Inner Earth was very strong at the Thunder Mountain and the stones of inner Earth where on the servise. And also this mountain like most of the mountains has the message let go of all negative though , speaking and talking about other people. Life in pease and love and exept all changes in life. Exept yourself as it is and be proud at yourself but most of all love yourself more than anyone or anythink else!!!!! What other people say or think or do is there problem and not yours.                     We saw a neon dragonfly she was beautifull and a big beetle don’t know his name yet. When I’m home I’ll put the story of Thunder Mountain on my blog is a bit to long for now.                                             My guests wanted to see the Stupa in Sedona that is near the mountain. At 4 pm we went to the Oak Creek and 2 went swimming and Sandra and I went walking upstream the Creek and met this special sneak.  Tomorrow again a special day so stay in tough to read and feel more.

See you soon.

Much Love Elayna

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