Sedona Journey June 16


The last day today. Boynton Canyon with Kachina Rock. A very strong and pure Vortex. A beautifull place of Inner Earth. Also there as Thunder Mountain there are some Inner Earth stones on the serves. But only to find when it is ment to be. On our way back down we met a man who gave us a red heart with the message that onlg your heart knows the answer and your mind pretents it has the answer. Your heart knows no negetivity in what way but your mind likes it very much. So keep in mind listen to your heart and not to your thoughts of your head.                                 The Hopi’s knows that for a long time and they teach there children that and give them all the wisdom there is. The Hopi makes Kachina dolls for there childeren and each child has it own doll. There are very much different dolls more than you know. The knollage is in the doll so the child can always remember the story’s from long ago.

After this special walk we went to a shop who sells Kachina dolls. The real ones the Hopi made it from one pease of wood. So special all stuff from the Indians and hand made. When you are in Sedona go to Boynton Canyon.

See you next time on my Jouney again.

Much love Elayna


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