This morning we went early to the Zuiderzee museum. It was great to see the old stuf again and all those small houses like tiny houses these days. First we had to go to the outside museum and we enjoyed it. People where also showing the old jobs. We talked to a man who was making new sails for a old boat. He told also that the put the sails in a special bath to keep the cotton good and strong they called the bath taken. It makes the sails brown. The steams machines where interresting they showed how they washed the clothes and dryed them. A lot of old houses and a lot of different professions of the old days. After they made the afsluitdijk a lot of the old professions are lost and people had to find new jobs. After this beautiful museum we drove to the oldest lighthouse of the Netherlands. It is of the end of 1700. Now we are on a camping in Lelystad . Tomorrow we go to Dronten to friends of us and they are giving a sound healing concert. So see you tomorrow.

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