Trip to Sweden june 15th

The trip went to Sollefteå and go up to the Thai Palvion at Utanede. It was very beautifull. This was made for the King that take care of the people and there was no more slavery. A king we need at this moment to change the world. We went on whit the trip up to Dõde fallat where the people thougt to change nature but that didn’t work and every thing wassed away. Next stop was at a very old church the oldest of Sweden around 15th centuary Ragunda Gambla Kyrka. It has the original pantings in it. The churvh was closed but we asked if we could see it and yes we could. So beautifull. Normaly the don’t do that. The door says Norrow is the door that leads to Life!!!!!!! Something we may do this time leaf all behind and start a new life!!!!!!!! Pictures will be later.

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