Carnac Cathedral

Today we went back to the Cathedral of Chartres to walk the Labyrint . It would be possible on friday but when we where in the Cathedral the chairs where still on the Labyrint . In the shop they told us that from may till oktober you can walk the Labyrint and in the winter on monday. Next time . It was not possible to see the whole Cathedral because they are reparing the Cathedral. There are a few thing to think about the big doors??? The people where must bigger in the past. The diamond in the floor when you stand in the middle you feel a fortex turning to the left the next diamond is turning to the right and the outside diamond is turning to the left?? A merkaba? In the Cathedral is also a peace of veil of Maria .A fery beautifull Cathedral also the windows. Next time we will spending more time in Chartres. Now we are with my sister and her husband in Montquyon a few days . Enjoy the pictures and see you tomorrow.

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