December 3th in Montguyon

Today we started at the local market and buy local food then we go to a 2nd hand shop I found there a very old wooden whip. We saw the old castle ruïne on the hill where we went this afternoon. We drove back an other way and saw a very big sporting complex very big for a small town. This afternoon we went first to the ruïne of the Castle and saw there 2 tree full of Kaki’s. After that to the old church of Montquyon. Very nice church only we coudn’t go in. The next church was in Matron on the sign they speak about stones whit a shape of a diamond. We couldn’t find it maybey you can. The next stop was with the Dolmen dit la Pierre Folle. Very old one with 2 big stones on the top. A great giant energy. The big top stone has a strange shape at the bottem. The last church was in le Fouilloux also closed. We drove back at the other road and passed the river Palais the river at the back yard of my sister. Enjoy the pcitures I hope you can find the diamond shape in picture nr 17 see you tomorrow

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