December 7th up to Carnac

We went up to paimpont to find out the important Merlin points. We visit the abdij that was built around 1300. Then our tour for to day began. Firts up to Iffendic there is the sword of Merlin in a rock. Sorry folks we could’t get it out. On our way to the grave of Merlin we saw a beautifull dracon a little bit to big to put him in the car. He is in st. Malon-Mel. Up to Merlin in la Sangle. Hope you can read the sign at the Tombeau de Merlin. Is not much left of it but the energy is still there. We feel that it is not the grave of Merlin but is was there. Nearby is the Fontaine de Jouvence. When you drink the water or go in the water you will be young for ever. Hmm that is a good idea so we drank the water even Dyarka did so we will be young again soon. A few miles futher there is a very old tree Chéne des Hindres the tre is around 500 years old. The wood is used for making charcoal. The did that in a wooden shet like at the picture. We wanted to go to the giant tombe but when they are hunting it is not possible to enter the place so we left. Next time we will be back. Vannes a town we thougt it would be nice but it is a big town like more towns so we went on. Now we are in a old town called Auray and tomorrow our stone circle hunting will begin. So till tomorrow

One thought on “December 7th up to Carnac

  1. De foto in het gewelf kerk waar het rode lampje/kaars brand heeft de meeste energie.
    Het zwaard is een toeristische attractie. Kreeg ik door. Thanks


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