December 8th Auray

A day full of stones. We started with the Tumulus de Kercado only this ones we could’nt find it. But the stones is Kerlesan we found and there were many stones . The stones are zet up in a grid and standing on Leylines that is very special. After that one we went to Erdeven the Mane Groh this one has 4 chambers also very special. Next to it there wase a big lake and the water was frozen. The next one was Le Grand arc Megolit Hique a sort of long road of 8 km but than of stones. There we found the Giant stones very impressive. Sandra was carrie one on her back. The Dolmen ofde Mane Korioned. Then Carnac with the fallen obelix and the Tumulus. Ans the last one was Tumulus de Mane er Hroeck a realy original Tumulus. So beautifull. To much to write down. Just look at the pictures and feel. In a lot of stones you can see faces, animals or humens see for yourself what is in the pictures. We ended the day at the beach finding some raw cristals the sea left behind. Enjoy it and see you tomorrow

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