December 11th Dinan , st.Malo and st. Mont Michel

First we went to the old part of Dinan very beautiful but a very steep road to walk. The next stop was st. Malo was also nice but very different than Dinan. And the last stop was st. Mont Michel. An very old town that is in the sea when it is hihg water. Nower days there is a bridge so you can go to the town when you want only when is is full moon. We did the walk to the Mont about 5 km. Most people took the bus. It felt good to walk that is how the people get there. The whole town is old accept the souvenirs that is all the same as in the other towns. Here was the road also very steep. Beautifull old town. Sandra went to the abby dog are not allowed. So Dyarka and I waited in a restaurant till she was back. This is the last post of France tomorrow we drive back to Holland. Enjoy this last post.

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