Last day Texel

We wanted to see an old place on Texel with a very strong energetic place cold de Hoge Berg. It is at Oldenburg. First ee stoped at the schans a place Napoleon also was in the time of war. After that we went to the Hoge Berg. On this Berg is in the middel a monument and a plateua of 8 rings that is of taking 8 staps to be free. The owner of the Hoge Berg also made a maze. This was to be out of your head when you were out of the maze. It is all restored and we walked the maze and we discofferd it is a labirinth instead of a maze. Very powerfull leylijn on the top of the Berg who is in contact with England. They bury a big stone under the Berg that is from England. After this Berg we went next door there is a kind of small valley the people made for al kinds of earth bees. There are living moer than 20 different earth bees in that small valley. The earth that came out of the valley they used for the dike to get it higher. We after that the see point you can see the boat that goes to Den Helder. It is not possible to get on the beach that is for the animals of the sea. On our way back home we stopped at Wijnaldum the place were about 145 leylijn are comming together also the one from Texel. The last stop is home. Thank you for being here and see you on our next trip. I hope the trip around Europe but you never know. Much Love Elayna