Stee in Lhee Dwingelo

After a nice day in Groningen we went on. From Stee in Lhee camperplace in Dwingelo to the Dwingerlose heide. We walked about 6,5 km with some rain. At 1pm we where in Kloosterhaar with the niece of Sandra. On our way home we stoped at a herb garden. Our last stop was in Haaksbergen with friends of us. We eat some thing and went after our nice visit home. See you all at our next journey. Much Love Elayna


After a rough nigt with storm and rain we went today to Groningen. A town without cars just an electic bus. You can park your car outside Groningen for free and buy a tickit for the electic bus that brings you down town in Groningen. There we visit the cousin of Sandra and his wife . We had a lovely lunch and after that they showed us a part of the town Groningen. Beautiful churches and old buildings and also new buildings. There are living 50.000 students in the town from all over the world. That is 1/3 of the residents of Groningen. It is a very cozy town. We had a thee in town and went on with our dutch tour. Now we are on a special camper camping . No cars alowed only campers . When you looking for a quiet place to stand with your camper go to Stee in Lhee in Dwingelo. It is on a farm. The farmer took a peace of his land and made a camper place. There are showers, toilets, whasingmachine and dryer. There will be soon a sauna ans Spa😎😎. You can buy eggs and ice from the farmer. The ice is made from the milk of the farmer. 😋😋😋😋We eat pancakes with honey from Groningen😋😋😋😋 Tomorrow we will visit a niece from Sandra. Stay tuned and see you tomorrow.


Today we visit the aunt of Sandra in Hoogeveen. After that we went to Delfzijl where all the old houses are gone. Now we are in Engelbert near by Groningen. Tomorrow we go to famaly of Sandra in Groningen. Hope more pictures it is raining whole day here☔☔ See you tomorrow

Kampen -Ommen

We left from Dronten to Kampen. We met our friend there. She took us to a special shop what got a award of the most beautifull shop of Kampen. They had there very good coffe , thee ect. and very good chocolade. After our meeting we looked at the old town of Kampen. Very nice. Now we are in Ommen on a Camping. Tomorrow we go to Hoogenveen. Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow again.😘💝

Look at the wall of the white house😲

Lelystad- Dronten

We did a nice walk in the Oostvaarderplassen. We where half way near the watchpoint and it started to rain. We where inside and it was raining very hard☔. After a half hour it was dry again and we went on our walk. We saw the horses a lot of birds end the red deer. After that we went back to Lelystad to Bataviastad and looked at the ship Batavia. In the Bataviastad in town there are al different shops with all brand clothing very expensive😲 with us in the Achterhoek this kind of clothing is difficult to find. At 3 pm we where at our friends house and eat someting. At 8pm we had a sound journey of Ben and Patricia of sound connections in Dronten a must do!!!!!! We spent the night of there . So story goes on today



This morning we went early to the Zuiderzee museum. It was great to see the old stuf again and all those small houses like tiny houses these days. First we had to go to the outside museum and we enjoyed it. People where also showing the old jobs. We talked to a man who was making new sails for a old boat. He told also that the put the sails in a special bath to keep the cotton good and strong they called the bath taken. It makes the sails brown. The steams machines where interresting they showed how they washed the clothes and dryed them. A lot of old houses and a lot of different professions of the old days. After they made the afsluitdijk a lot of the old professions are lost and people had to find new jobs. After this beautiful museum we drove to the oldest lighthouse of the Netherlands. It is of the end of 1700. Now we are on a camping in Lelystad . Tomorrow we go to Dronten to friends of us and they are giving a sound healing concert. So see you tomorrow.


Today we started at the Zwanenmeer a place for birds and other animals. The Ali orchid was also here. A lot of birds also trees how are griwing to 1 side the wind is blowing them in 1 direction. After the walk we stoped in Broek op Langedijk where friends of us are living was very nice to see them again. We made a stop in Alkmaar and walked down town. Now we are in Hoorn on a Campsite and is raining so we went out for dinner. We have to cook outsite the Van. We did that last night and our food was blowing away there was a hard wind blowing🤔😂. It is still raining so we go early to bed. See you tomorrow on our next advanture at the Zuiderzee museum. Much Love from Hoorn

Callantsoog the Zwanenmeer


We started with a beautifull walk at a orchid path. The orchid called Ali after the man how found her. The wood is planted by hand also the land is dryed up by man. We were just in the car and it starded raining🤔 Then we drove over the afsluitdijk to go to Den Helder. We looked a little bit in Den Helder and went on to Callantsoog. Here we stay the night. See you tomorrow

A Hollyday in the Netherlands.

What a yourney to Mt.Shasta has to be is now a trip in the Netherlands.

Without the corona we went tomorrow with a group to Mt.Shasta. Now we are on a trip with my practice Van in the Netherlands. First we took Dyarka to his animalhotel in Schettens Friesland. The first stop was in Harlingen. Beautiful town with old Houses. The next stop was in Ferwert the place where family of Sandra lived. Very old houses. Than a nice walk in Dokkum and went on to Lauwersoog where we will stay the night on a campsite near the waddenzee. We hope to see the see eagle here. See you tomorrow again. Sleep well. Much Love Elayna.


Sedona Journey June 16


The last day today. Boynton Canyon with Kachina Rock. A very strong and pure Vortex. A beautifull place of Inner Earth. Also there as Thunder Mountain there are some Inner Earth stones on the serves. But only to find when it is ment to be. On our way back down we met a man who gave us a red heart with the message that onlg your heart knows the answer and your mind pretents it has the answer. Your heart knows no negetivity in what way but your mind likes it very much. So keep in mind listen to your heart and not to your thoughts of your head.                                 The Hopi’s knows that for a long time and they teach there children that and give them all the wisdom there is. The Hopi makes Kachina dolls for there childeren and each child has it own doll. There are very much different dolls more than you know. The knollage is in the doll so the child can always remember the story’s from long ago.

After this special walk we went to a shop who sells Kachina dolls. The real ones the Hopi made it from one pease of wood. So special all stuff from the Indians and hand made. When you are in Sedona go to Boynton Canyon.

See you next time on my Jouney again.

Much love Elayna