Last day in Australia

The last day in Australia. We went up to the gold coast to have a lunch with the family and After That a great swim in the river, Playing with the great Grand children of Donnie. Tomorrow on the plain back Home . We will missing Australia but also very Nice to go Home again.

see you later

Much Love from Australia


Merry Christmas😘♥️🎄

About 11 AM everybody was here . First we had Christmas cake and After That the presents of Santa. We Ha a wonderfull lunch with the family . The afternoon is relaxing and tonight we have live contact with Sandra’s mum.  Tomorrow at Boxingday we go for lunch to Jacky . The rest tomorrow 💖😉😘

Much Love from Australia

Dec 24

This morning first shopping for tomorrow . We making desert. After lunch we went with Jerry and Carol to the Mimoun Falls. There was not Much water , it is dry for a long time. We did a Nice walk there trough the forrest. After That we went to the Ricky Creek Dam That is the water surpley for Lismore. The rainforrest what is there is not That old. It is very Beautiful . Tomorrow lunch with the family.

see you than Much Love from Australia

Woody Head

19th we went with the ferry on the Clarence river up till the bridge with the highway and than the boat turned around  and went back to the haber. Back Home we had diner with the family. Dec 20 I went with 2 others swimming in the Sea high waves very cool to dive in. After lunch we went to Shark Bay for an other Nice beach. On the beach Where 3 menners of the family cicling. They went a long way to the other side. Back Home we went to the Iluka pub with a few of the family to druk something and than it began to rain and Thunder so we went back Home. After diner it was dry again so we went up to the beach for the Sunset.Heavy rain and storm That night.dec 21 we we T up to the Esk river Where we went for the kayaks. Down the river to a place Where the man of the kayaks was. It was the first time but it was great and went very good . We did it in 2,5 hours and the man of the kayaks was surprised That we already Where there before he was arrived 😜After lunch we did a swim in the rockpool at the beach and later afternoon the last members of the family arrived , now Everybody was there. Dec 22 we went to Yamba Where the family lunch was for Donna’s birthday. First looking down town and saw the Lighthouse . After That to the lunch. The whole familie was there and had a great lunch. We also had a song for Donna and a birthday cake. After This Beautiful lunch we went up to the bleupool to swim. The boys Where jumping of the clif into the water. Than back Home next day we had to leave at 10 AM. With the whole family to a beach to swim and walk After That a drink in a old Church what now a café is.  Back to Lismore Where we stay till we go Home .

see you Much Love from Australia

Woody Head dec 16-22.

First day in Woody Head at dec 17th. After breakfast we went to down town and had a drink. After lunch we had a Nice walk on the beach. When we came back Donna was sitting in the sun, Sandra joint her. Than the play croquet began. Jerry and Donna had a good play. In the evening we played the birthday we made for Donna’s birthday of all the family overseas.