December 11th Dinan , st.Malo and st. Mont Michel

First we went to the old part of Dinan very beautiful but a very steep road to walk. The next stop was st. Malo was also nice but very different than Dinan. And the last stop was st. Mont Michel. An very old town that is in the sea when it is hihg water. Nower days there is a bridge so you can go to the town when you want only when is is full moon. We did the walk to the Mont about 5 km. Most people took the bus. It felt good to walk that is how the people get there. The whole town is old accept the souvenirs that is all the same as in the other towns. Here was the road also very steep. Beautifull old town. Sandra went to the abby dog are not allowed. So Dyarka and I waited in a restaurant till she was back. This is the last post of France tomorrow we drive back to Holland. Enjoy this last post.

December 10th Dinan

First to the woods of Huelgoat. Very beautifull and peace full. We visit in the woods a stone that will whible when you puhs the stone. Today it was not his day it had frozen than it is difficult. The next place in the woods was the place where the Le Ménage de la Vierge has lived you can still see rocks like knife pots ect. Then we came to the place where the Elfs came together and whased there golden hear.and the last one on the trail was the mushroom. Now we went North to the Cairn of Bernenez a hug tombe?? And after that we drove to Dinan a verý old town. The Frence people like the crismas marked in every town is one. Stay tuned for the last day tomorrow.

December 9th Huelgoat

Today we visit a few old towns. First we went to the Cathedral of Quimper and went on to Locronan an old town of 1200 – 1600 . Normaly there are no cars in the town allowed but now the people are decoration the town for cristmas. Very nice town. On our way to Huelgoat we stoped a few times. We already visit the grotto in Huelgoat and will do the walk tomorrow. Enjoy the pictures see you tomorrow.

December 8th Auray

A day full of stones. We started with the Tumulus de Kercado only this ones we could’nt find it. But the stones is Kerlesan we found and there were many stones . The stones are zet up in a grid and standing on Leylines that is very special. After that one we went to Erdeven the Mane Groh this one has 4 chambers also very special. Next to it there wase a big lake and the water was frozen. The next one was Le Grand arc Megolit Hique a sort of long road of 8 km but than of stones. There we found the Giant stones very impressive. Sandra was carrie one on her back. The Dolmen ofde Mane Korioned. Then Carnac with the fallen obelix and the Tumulus. Ans the last one was Tumulus de Mane er Hroeck a realy original Tumulus. So beautifull. To much to write down. Just look at the pictures and feel. In a lot of stones you can see faces, animals or humens see for yourself what is in the pictures. We ended the day at the beach finding some raw cristals the sea left behind. Enjoy it and see you tomorrow

December 7th up to Carnac

We went up to paimpont to find out the important Merlin points. We visit the abdij that was built around 1300. Then our tour for to day began. Firts up to Iffendic there is the sword of Merlin in a rock. Sorry folks we could’t get it out. On our way to the grave of Merlin we saw a beautifull dracon a little bit to big to put him in the car. He is in st. Malon-Mel. Up to Merlin in la Sangle. Hope you can read the sign at the Tombeau de Merlin. Is not much left of it but the energy is still there. We feel that it is not the grave of Merlin but is was there. Nearby is the Fontaine de Jouvence. When you drink the water or go in the water you will be young for ever. Hmm that is a good idea so we drank the water even Dyarka did so we will be young again soon. A few miles futher there is a very old tree Chéne des Hindres the tre is around 500 years old. The wood is used for making charcoal. The did that in a wooden shet like at the picture. We wanted to go to the giant tombe but when they are hunting it is not possible to enter the place so we left. Next time we will be back. Vannes a town we thougt it would be nice but it is a big town like more towns so we went on. Now we are in a old town called Auray and tomorrow our stone circle hunting will begin. So till tomorrow

December 5th Montquyon

This morning we went first shopping in a shop like the ones in the USA. In the afternoon we visit a under ground church. A very impressive church. It is made in 10 years in a chalk rock. So beautifull and there was also a dark small narrow passage Hollow Earth intrance. We walked into the town and that was also a nice town. On the bridge we thought we could see the castle that is on top of the onderground church but the trees were in front of it. This was the last thinh we did with my sister and brother in law. Tomorrow we go on with our trip. So if you want to follow more thantill tomorrow.

December 4th Montquyon

This morning we went to Saint Georges to a chalk lake. It was not possible to go near the lake it was closed. Around the Lake a field full of solar panels .We went to a bigger chalk lake Les Carrieres de Giezengeard. When the sun is shinning the collar of the water is deep blue and has a beautiful nature around it. After a nice walk we went back home to cellebrate my sisters birthday we met also the neihgbour . She speaks only Frence and I realy don’t understand any Frence. Tomorrow the last full day here whit my sister. See you tomorrow.

December 3th in Montguyon

Today we started at the local market and buy local food then we go to a 2nd hand shop I found there a very old wooden whip. We saw the old castle ruïne on the hill where we went this afternoon. We drove back an other way and saw a very big sporting complex very big for a small town. This afternoon we went first to the ruïne of the Castle and saw there 2 tree full of Kaki’s. After that to the old church of Montquyon. Very nice church only we coudn’t go in. The next church was in Matron on the sign they speak about stones whit a shape of a diamond. We couldn’t find it maybey you can. The next stop was with the Dolmen dit la Pierre Folle. Very old one with 2 big stones on the top. A great giant energy. The big top stone has a strange shape at the bottem. The last church was in le Fouilloux also closed. We drove back at the other road and passed the river Palais the river at the back yard of my sister. Enjoy the pcitures I hope you can find the diamond shape in picture nr 17 see you tomorrow