Sedona Journey June 16


The last day today. Boynton Canyon with Kachina Rock. A very strong and pure Vortex. A beautifull place of Inner Earth. Also there as Thunder Mountain there are some Inner Earth stones on the serves. But only to find when it is ment to be. On our way back down we met a man who gave us a red heart with the message that onlg your heart knows the answer and your mind pretents it has the answer. Your heart knows no negetivity in what way but your mind likes it very much. So keep in mind listen to your heart and not to your thoughts of your head.                                 The Hopi’s knows that for a long time and they teach there children that and give them all the wisdom there is. The Hopi makes Kachina dolls for there childeren and each child has it own doll. There are very much different dolls more than you know. The knollage is in the doll so the child can always remember the story’s from long ago.

After this special walk we went to a shop who sells Kachina dolls. The real ones the Hopi made it from one pease of wood. So special all stuff from the Indians and hand made. When you are in Sedona go to Boynton Canyon.

See you next time on my Jouney again.

Much love Elayna


Sedona Journey June 15

First a long drive up to the Meteor Crater. The energy is realy different than Sedona. The energy is more cosmic up there. After we saw Meteor crater we went to Sunset  Vulcano Crater. That crater was at arount 1600 the last time active. You can see and feel a wholr different energy. Also you can see that the ground is most of it black. On our way back home we stoped at the look out to painted dessert. And a last picture of today a sunset foto way up to Sedona.

See you on our last day in Sedona tomorrow.

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey June 14

Thunder Mountain was a real special place to go and a beautifull hike. Inner Earth was very strong at the Thunder Mountain and the stones of inner Earth where on the servise. And also this mountain like most of the mountains has the message let go of all negative though , speaking and talking about other people. Life in pease and love and exept all changes in life. Exept yourself as it is and be proud at yourself but most of all love yourself more than anyone or anythink else!!!!! What other people say or think or do is there problem and not yours.                     We saw a neon dragonfly she was beautifull and a big beetle don’t know his name yet. When I’m home I’ll put the story of Thunder Mountain on my blog is a bit to long for now.                                             My guests wanted to see the Stupa in Sedona that is near the mountain. At 4 pm we went to the Oak Creek and 2 went swimming and Sandra and I went walking upstream the Creek and met this special sneak.  Tomorrow again a special day so stay in tough to read and feel more.

See you soon.

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey June 13

The Grand Canyon was today the special day. On some point it was frogy because there was a fire going on. The rangers do peace by peace the burning.            We went with the shuttle bus upstairs along the Rim. It was a great view again. We had also to do some energy work for the Giants how are still on this earth somewhere. After this day my geusts where burned out. Tomorrow we go to Thunder Mountain . The mountain that is a big portal to Inner Earth . Hope to see you all again tomorrow! 😀

See you again❤🙏

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey June 12

West Fork was our journey today. At 8am we started walking in this national park. A park where tha Natives lived a long time ago. The gardian is stil in the rocks. Just be in the present and you can feel and see the Natives how the lived. Here was also the message exept the changes as it is and forget all the negetivety i your mind of others and see only love and possitief thought. Your mind is far much faster than the light. The walk was beautiful as always.            I love this place it is so paecefull just as is will be here on earth.                          See you tomorrow in the Grand Canyon.

Much Love Elayna

Special Blog of V-Bar-V Heritage

In the V-Bar-V Herritage there was something special. One of the sesoncalender stone came of and is now on the ground. It just looks like an angel. So at noon there is only 1 shadow left.                                                                                                                                               It gives the message Let go of everything and exept all the changes in life and that all the changes are good as it is no matter what!

Home is Where the Heart is!

Much Love Elayna


Sedona Journey June 11

Bell Rock we visit today. Bell Rock is a secret mountain to the Native Americans. They say it is the Gardian of Sedona. His real name is  Tuctu, on picture 5 you can see on the right a face and on the left a feather on his head. When you walk around the gardian you come in a secrect place where the Natives make there journeys.                                                We walked not all the way up but you can feel his power. Also when you are able to see it you can see and feel the Natives in the mountain. Inner Earth is near by the serves there find the spot and you walk in. Everybody liked this mountain very much.                             In the evening we did a night watch at the parking place of Bell Rock. We looked up to the moon and saw a lot of movement around the moon.  What is that there up to the moon????

See you tomorrow again.

Much Love Elayna