Trip to Sweden june 24th

This morning we went back to the stone circle nobody was there. So beautifull. Realy home. Then we go on the road again to Denmark a very old town Ribe. Old bildings a museum of the Vikings. Arpund 4.30pm we went to eat something . There was a big rain storm comming. We were sitting outside we had Dyarka woth us and not allowed to sit inside. As we walked away to our van it started raining and than big hailstones and so hard that we were soking wet. We found us a beautifull camping and a warm shower. Our last hollyday night. Tomorrow we comming back home in the Netherlands. Thanks for follow my blog and hope to see you the next adventure. See you later.

Trip to Sweden june 23th

Today we go to Göteborg to a stone circle in a shape of a ship. It is not as wuit as in the Nord of Sweden. After a long time walking in a town we fpind a place to eat Thai menu very good and only for €9,00. Käseberga was the stone circle. This circle is also connected to Enland and to Hollow Earth. HOME!!! We found a camping to stay not far from the circle but also no internet🤔

Trip to Sweden june 22snd

We started at 9am again . We stoped at Baldersnäs and saw there were hyroglyphs so we went there to see them. After that we went to Tanumshede also a lot of hyroglyphs. Near the Vtlyche museum a lot more and around 3000 years old they say. Then up to Aspeberget more hyroglyphs. One just like the Long Man of Wilington England. At Fjallbacha we stayed at a camping but no internet.

Trip to Sweden june 21st

Todsy we stopped at the Moose farm to learn more about them. There are arpund 800.000 Moose in Sweden. They can j7mp more than 2.50 metets high and can dive 6 meters deep to cool of. There hoorns grow about 3cm a day from april till oktober. Than the bast go of and the male is ready to compair with other males. Early in the morning the find a place to lay down and around 11pm the are awake again. After giving the Moose leaves we went on we found us a nice place to stay the night at a beautifull place near a lake. Still have no WiFi so downloaden of pictures is hard will put more pictures when I have WiFi

Trip to Sweden june 20th

Today we drove more south and and up in Fästnäs. We went first to the waterfall. They try to repair the river for the salmon. Dyarka liked the waterfall. Now on a camping with a lot of Dutch people😱😱. Tomorrow we go to the mouse Eland in dutch. So stay tuned.

Trip to Sweden june 19th

On the road on a very beautiful of the road way. At Evertsberg a old church from around 1500 but was closed. We stopped at Mora at the Siljan lake very blue water we did some shopping and went to Nunäs the place where the make the Dularna wooden horses. Now on a camping not in the outback hihihi Daryka has his own beach🐶

Trip to Sweden june 18th

From Froskos where we spend pur nihgt up to the nat.park Fulufjället. We took the yellow path that is not that heavy up to the waterfall. The higest of Sweden that has the highest fall. Dyarka did very well but up to the top is to heavy so Sandra went up and I waited with Dyarka. We went down to eat something and went on to Särna. We looked for a camping but only a outback camping for 4×4. We found an other spot near by a river. That night it was about 2 celcius. But it was a great day

Trip to Sweden june 17th

Today on the road again . At Hede we stopped to do some shopping and looked at a outdoor museum. 1 tiny house is from the year 1700. On our trip at Tännäs we saw a lot of reendear . At Funäsdalen we saw a meteor crater. Up to Gunäsdalen a Sami town but no Sami to much Tourists. Than up to Högvälen the highest town in Sweden. Now find a place to sleep somewhere in the oitback we put our van and went to sleep

Trip to Sweden june 16th

First we went down town in Östersund to look at a rock with Runen. Then we stopped at the museum that was very nice also about the Sami the lokal of Nord Sweden. At Mid Summer there is a big happening at the museum. Next stop was at Nälden there we looked how the paint all textiel with natrual paint. The cave in Hoverberg is very special a cave of Hollow Earth . There is a very nearow entrance when you came at the end of the cave. This cave is Home😍. We found a great camping at Karvansö. With a great view. See you tomorrow.