Sedona journey June 10


Today was the download from Inner Earth. We went early to the Standing Stone.  Next of the standing Stone is a small stone and when you go sit on it you get your own special download what is good for you. It was very beautiful again. Also for my geusts. They  had a great download today. In the Standing Stone is also a footprint of a Giant Sandra put her foot next to it . It is very hugh.  After this magical download we went home and rest a bit. At 6pm we went to the Oak Creek to watch the sun go down at Cathedral Rock. Some of us also swam in the creek.                                                                                                               It was a beautiful day with a lot of information form the download.                                  Tomorrow an other day full of special moments.

See you tomorrow

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey June 8

Dana Ross owner by Earth Star Sacred Tours was today our visit. First we got the Medicine Wheel teaching and after that the light tour . He has more than 30 wheels in his garden and with al different energy. It was again a day that the guests never will forget. Thanks dana for this beautiful day with the great inspiration of your wishdom. If you go there you come back home happy and much in peace.

Up to our next journey of a great download of Inner Earth tomorrow.

So stay in touch and follow (y)our spirit!

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey june 7


We went this day to Angel Valley. A Beautifull place with all energy places like Labirinth, Angel wheel,  Chakra points and a lot more. This place connects you with the univers and all the worlds below and up. This is the places where you can find yourself again and where you get visions who you are or get answers to te questions you have.My message was I always Go where I Need to Go When I Need to Go There!                                                   If I Am Not There, Then I Did Not Need to Be There!                                                                     And  that I first think of myself and than the others. So do what I want and not Please the others, they will be follow when I’m very enthusiastic about a place to go!!! So I’m so happy 😉 And they others did get also beautiful a messages from  archangel Micheal.

See you tomorrow again on our next journey.

Much Love Elayna

Sedona Journey june 6

Today we started early to go to Montezuma Castle , V-Bar-V- Heritage and montezuma Well.                                                                                                                                               First visit Montezuma Castle.  Montezuma Castle is in West USA in the nahberhood of Camp Verde Arizona and in the rocks are cliff houses. Around 1400 the Sinaqua indians built them. In 1850 the Europeans came in .                                                                                          The houses are 5 laers above each other. About 20 rooms for 50 people. The cliffs above the houses protect them for the rain. 1906 it became a National monument.

The V-Bar_v-Heritage was closed so we went on to Montezuma Well .                Montezuma Well is one of the few  limnocrene wellon the Collorado Plateau. It has  the highest concentration of endemish speases of animals and plants.                                           In the rocks lived the Paleo indians and had make about 600 rooms in the rocks. After the Paleo came the Puabloan Sinaqua’s and they made 900 rooms and made about1425 artfacts as rock art.The Sinaqua’s used the Beaver Creek to wateringthe corn ,beans, squas and the cotton plants. They where farmers , hunters and collectors. The Well was discoveredin 1583 by the Europeans. The Hohokam culter came at AD900 and 1425. They planted the Sycamore and Cottonwood trees. On december 8 1906 president Roosevelt declared Montezuma Well to National Monument.                                                                         Montezuma Well is the place of Inner Earth. The energy is very high up there and it is very easy to explore Inner Earth. We where not allowed to go done to the cave of Inner earth, the bats are breading and when the mother is flying away the young bats dying because the mother doesn’t come back.   so we went down to the place where the water is comming out of the mountain. This water is comming from Inner earth and is very clear and you can even drik it. It is refresing to put your feet in but also the water is very grounding you. The cave at the end is also a portal to Inner Earth. When we sat there a man came and asked us to film him when he went into the water. Garrett asked me what where we came from and what we are doing in Sedona. I told him about inner Earth and the magic energy got Garrett . He was so touched by the story of Inner earth that he filmed me when I told the story of my home done under our feet. Keep an eye on the you tube channel of Garrett Fromme. He has a beautful Goal in his life  To Coach a million people, to move west and to have an Adventure to start his journey to experience life.  So he is following his Heart something we all have to do. So HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.   My guets explored the energy of Inner Earth and know now how it is to by in the heart and not in the mind, very quiet they say. Nothing to think about what is very nice.     After this beautiful day we went up to the Airport vortex to watch the sun go down. This is a very powerfull place to connect with the universe . To see the beautifuul collours in the mountains. To meet poeple who are playing and be happy for who they are. The vortex let you connect to your inner soul and touch you heart to open so it can reach the world.

Hope you are enjoing this journey and follow our path in Sedona.

Much Love Elayna


Sedona Journey June 5th

June 5th

Today was a day of exploring Sedona town. Looking at the shop with all the beautiful stuff.  We did also a  Rock shite seeing That our guests can used to the beauty of Sedona. The Art gallery was a succes and had very beautifull Art.                                                      This was a easy day tomorrow the first day with the connection with Hollow earth.         So we hope you will join us on our tour.

Vandaag was Sedona verkennen . De winkels bezocht met al het mooie wat er is. De rots site seeing was geweldig en de gasten hebben hun ogen uit gekeken aan de pracht van de bergen. Na de lunch hebben we nog de art Gallery bezocht met al de prachtige kunst..        Vandaag was een rustige dag en morgen de eerste dag die in het teken staat van Midden Aarde.                                                                                                                                                   We hopen dat jullie met ons mee reizen op ons avontuur.

Much Love Elayna and till tomorrow

Yourney Sedona June 4

At june 4th we left the Netherlands for a Sprituel yourney to Sedona .

The trip went well and my gasts are happy to be in Sedona after a long trip. Tomorrow exploring Sedona town.

4 Juni 2019 zijn we met z’n vijven aan de Spirituele Reis naar Sedona begonnen . Een lange reis die voorspoedig verliep.

Morgen gaan we eerst Sedona Stad verkennen en de energie van Sedona laten inwerken.

See you al tomorrow on this beautifull yourney

Much Love Elayna