Trip to Sweden june 17th

Today on the road again . At Hede we stopped to do some shopping and looked at a outdoor museum. 1 tiny house is from the year 1700. On our trip at Tännäs we saw a lot of reendear . At Funäsdalen we saw a meteor crater. Up to Gunäsdalen a Sami town but no Sami to much Tourists. Than up to Högvälen the highest town in Sweden. Now find a place to sleep somewhere in the oitback we put our van and went to sleep

Trip to Sweden june 16th

First we went down town in Östersund to look at a rock with Runen. Then we stopped at the museum that was very nice also about the Sami the lokal of Nord Sweden. At Mid Summer there is a big happening at the museum. Next stop was at Nälden there we looked how the paint all textiel with natrual paint. The cave in Hoverberg is very special a cave of Hollow Earth . There is a very nearow entrance when you came at the end of the cave. This cave is Home😍. We found a great camping at Karvansö. With a great view. See you tomorrow.

Trip to Sweden june 15th

The trip went to Sollefteå and go up to the Thai Palvion at Utanede. It was very beautifull. This was made for the King that take care of the people and there was no more slavery. A king we need at this moment to change the world. We went on whit the trip up to Dõde fallat where the people thougt to change nature but that didn’t work and every thing wassed away. Next stop was at a very old church the oldest of Sweden around 15th centuary Ragunda Gambla Kyrka. It has the original pantings in it. The churvh was closed but we asked if we could see it and yes we could. So beautifull. Normaly the don’t do that. The door says Norrow is the door that leads to Life!!!!!!! Something we may do this time leaf all behind and start a new life!!!!!!!! Pictures will be later.

Trip to Sweden june 14th

This morning we went to the waterfall at Våstenäfallet. They say the highest waterfall in Sweden. It was very beautifull also the place around it. The water of the waterfall is also used to get the trees put of the woods on a stream they made of pipes down to the lowest point. This evening we wanted to go to a point were you can look over the mountains but walking paths was not possible to find. An other time better. Tomorrow we continue our trip and will be traffeling down . So it is posseble that I have no internet some days but will post it when I have.

Trip to Sweden june 13th

Today we went first shopping and after lunch we went to Häxberget. A place where witches were burt. A very special place. A place where you can reseve all the wisdom of ages ago. On our way back we stoped at a church in Torsåkers Kyrka. We stopped at Styresholm a place where Middle age places were. After dinner we visit a mountain where the Vikingen had there place. Also very impressive and beautifull view.

Trip to Sweden june 12th

Today we went for a difficult walk up on Skulleberget. When we were up a thunder storm was comming . We eat an drank someting and took a easier way down. And we took a side seeing road back home. After dinner at home a short walk to the woods here nearby.

Early this morning at 00.15am we put Sara in the garden.
What kind of animal is this??🤔🤣

Trip to Sweden juni 11th

Today we went to a dutch lady how has 32 huskys on the farm Backsjön at Sollefteä. In the winter you can for a trip with huskys. This time of the year you can go there for tulips. We went with our friends just to look how it is there, but in no time we were working there. First picking some tulips than helping with the lunch for people of 3 busses full. It was very buzzy and a lot of people. After helping with the lunch I went to the intrance and let people pay for there tickets. At the and of the dat Adri gave a small sound concert with singing bowls. A great dat with intresting meetings. We went on the way back to the herogliphs of Nämforsen Hällristnin . Very interesting.

Trip to Sweden june 9th

Today the last part to our friends in Angsta/ Bolstabruk. We made a few stops . Uppsale were a lot of Hills that they say they are graves. But we feel that this royal graves are energy points from the stars. The old church was poen but there was a fenaral so we couldn’t go in. We made an other stop near a lake and went on to our friends. Here we will be a few days.

11.30pm in Angsta